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If managing your rental property has become a thankless, time-consuming burden, ask
yourself these questions:

  • Do I really have the time?
  • Are my rents at top market value?
  • Is it really worth all the effort?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, there’s a better way. Villa Rentals, Inc. can
take the burden of property management off your shoulders and give you more of what
you’ve worked hard for….more time to enjoy life.

The full management fee is only 10% of rental income with no set-up fees Often, the
savings in operating expenses plus the increase in rental income that Villa Rentals
produces more than offsets the fees.

Villa Rentals’ only business is property management. It’s not a side line or a part-time
business, so you always get full-time responsive service, and Villa Rentals’ extensive
management experience combined with their knowledge of the local market minimizes
your expenses and maximizes your income.

In a word, everything! You decide how much (or how little) you want to be involved.
Villa Rentals believes in providing personal service and that means being flexible.

Site Inspection:
A knowledgeable Villa Rentals representative will personally inspect each
of your units, compare rentals with similar properties in the area, and make
recommendations on improving your cash flow.

Finding Tenants:
Villa Rentals knows that finding responsible tenants is the key to effective
property management.
Each applicant is rigorously screened to ensure that he or she will protect your
investment and pay rents on time. Prospects are checked screened for financial
stability, employment and references are thoroughly reviewed. Personal interviews are always conducted.
Villa Rentals believes that by establishing a personal knowledge of both the tenant
and the property, many potential problems can be eliminated, and because we
continuously maintain a file of active applicants, we can fill vacancies quickly.

Handling Tenant Calls:
No one likes taking tenant calls, so Villa Rentals does it for you 24 hours a day, 7
days a week. We’re experienced in dealing with all kinds of questions, problems
or complaints and quickly and efficiently handle situations when they occur.

Villa Rentals knows how and where to get the job done-on time and at the right
price. We hire licensed and insured vendors so that your investment is protected
with the proper insurances. And because we know the right service and repair
people and do a volume of business with them, we get the best service and rates.
Your vacant units are ready fast and our responsive staff typically has a qualified
tenant ready to move right in.

Rental Collections:
Villa Rentals provides the residents with the latest in technology regarding rent
collection. They use a tenant portal that allows them set up automatic payments,
submit maintenance requests and view their running tenant ledger. This has proven
to really cut down on late payments and the need to chase tenants. If they are late
then will handle it swiftly.

Income Statements:
Each month you will receive a comprehensive income statement detailing income
and expenses for the month and year-to-date. The delivery of these are emailed
and can be mailed too if desired. You can access the reports at any time too
through our owner portal. Monthly payments can be made electronically or a
physical check. You will always know exactly where you stand without the tedium
of saving receipts and maintaining a ledger. Just hand your year end statement to
your tax accountant or CPA at tax time and he/she can easily transfer the line items
onto your return.

Rarely does Villa Rentals have to evict anyone because we continually maintain
personal contact with tenants and react quickly when problems arise. When an
eviction is necessary, we handle all the preliminary paperwork ourselves rather
than use an agent. That way we can get action more quickly and keep liabilities to
a bare minimum.

Villa Rentals has been managing properties since 1976 and in the same location the entire
time. We provide responsive, dependable, highly personalized service and we’re familiar
with every tenant and property that we manage in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Balboa,
Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach. Call us today to find out how
easy it is to eliminate the burden of property management for good!