Winter Rental Procedure

  1. View the Property – Most of our units now have an online video walkthrough.  That will suffice as your initial walkthrough viewing of the unit but tenants are encouraged to personally inspect the properties as well.  For those units without an online video walkthrough, all tenants must view the unit first in order for Villa Rentals to accept applications.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  We will assist you by offering contact information for the current tenants or by arranging a time to meet.
  1. Applications – After you have inspected a unit or viewed the online video the next step is to fill out the tenant application.  Tenant Applications forms may be completed electronically online at If more than one applicant, all applications for a specific unit must be submitted before they can be considered.  The $25 application fee is due when the application is approved so no need to submit payment for this at the time of submittal.
  1. Co-Signors – Most applications for our winter rentals will require Co-signor.  Co-Signor Applications may be completed electronically online at
  1. Approval – When approved, a detailed email will be sent to all applicants and co-signors (if applicable) with next steps on how to officially secure the unit. This will include a copy of the lease for review prior to any monies being paid.
  1.  Rent Café Tenant Portal – Once the initial monies are received then your tenancy will be created in our system called Rent Café. This tenant portal allows you to make all future payments electronically via eCheck, Debit or Credit Card as well as submit maintenance requests and view your ongoing tenant ledger. It also allows for each tenant to pay their own portion each month. Tenants do not have to use this portal and can pay their monthly rent other ways if desired.
  1. Leases – Leases will be circulated for signature electronically via as soon as we have all applications, co-signor applications and initial monies have been received.
  1. First Month’s Rent – The first months rent will be required on or before your move in date.  This can be paid via Rent Café or other ways as desired.
  1. Keys – Keys will be released on the move in day assuming all move in monies have been paid and the Lease has been fully executed.