Balboa Island: A Charming Retreat near Newport Beach

Uncover the magic of Balboa Island during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach. This scenic island, nestled in the heart of Newport Harbor, offers a delightful mix of seaside allure, serene activities, and enticing cuisine. Whether you’re wandering along the waterfront, tasting a renowned frozen banana, or browsing the island’s charming boutiques, Balboa Island is a captivating destination that cannot be missed during your Orange County vacation.

Balboa Island: A Quaint Coastal Sanctuary

Balboa Island is a welcoming, family-oriented destination just a brief drive from Newport Beach. With its tranquil atmosphere, stunning landscapes, and a host of exciting activities, it’s no surprise that Balboa Island is a cherished attraction for locals and visitors alike.

As you stroll along the island’s picturesque waterfront, you’ll be met with magnificent views of Newport Harbor, vibrant marine life, and an array of striking waterfront residences. The island also boasts several beautiful beaches, ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or watching a mesmerizing sunset over the harbor.

Activities and Attractions on Balboa Island

Balboa Island presents a range of activities suited to all ages and interests. Some of the highlights include:

Marine Avenue: This central shopping district on the island boasts an array of unique boutiques, art galleries, and eateries, perfect for a leisurely afternoon of shopping and dining.

Balboa Island Ferry: Enjoy a tranquil ride on the historic Balboa Island Ferry, which ferries passengers and vehicles between Balboa Island and the Balboa Peninsula. This short journey offers stunning harbor views and a chance to spot playful dolphins and sea lions.

Balboa Island Museum & Historical Society: Discover the fascinating history of Balboa Island through a variety of exhibits, photographs, and artifacts housed in this charming museum.

Water Activities: Rent a kayak, paddleboard, or Duffy electric boat to explore the calm waters of Newport Harbor and enjoy a personal encounter with the island’s marine life.

Savor the Flavors of Balboa Island

A visit to Balboa Island is incomplete without savoring some of its renowned culinary treats. Indulge in a famous frozen banana or Balboa Bar from Sugar ‘n Spice or Dad’s Donut & Bakery Shop, both serving these iconic delights since the 1940s. For a more hearty meal, Marine Avenue offers a selection of dining options, from casual cafes to refined restaurants.

Stay with Villa Rentals and Experience the Charm of Balboa Island

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