Coastal Ambles and Rides: Traverse the Newport Beach Boardwalk on Foot or Bicycle

Immerse yourself in the coastal allure of Newport Beach during your stay with Villa Rentals by taking a leisurely walk or bike ride along the picturesque Newport Beach boardwalk. This scenic path runs along the stunning coastline, offering a delightful setting for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the ocean breeze, bask in the sun, and absorb the lively atmosphere of this cherished Southern California destination.

Newport Beach Boardwalk: A Scenic Coastal Route

The Newport Beach boardwalk, also known as the Oceanfront Boardwalk or Balboa Boardwalk, parallels the beach and provides mesmerizing ocean views as it winds through the bustling Balboa Peninsula. Stretching nearly three miles, the boardwalk is a favorite locale for walkers, joggers, and cyclists seeking a scenic route along the shoreline.

As you saunter or pedal along the pathway, you’ll encounter charming beachfront homes, vibrant restaurants and bars, and numerous beach volleyball courts. The boardwalk also leads to the historic Balboa Pier, a popular destination for fishing, dining, and appreciating panoramic ocean vistas.

Tips for Walking or Biking the Newport Beach Boardwalk

Before you embark on your adventure, here are some useful tips to maximize your walk or bike ride along the Newport Beach boardwalk:

Stay with Villa Rentals and Experience the Beauty of the Newport Beach Boardwalk

When you choose Villa Rentals for your Newport Beach vacation accommodations, you’ll enjoy effortless access to the best attractions and activities in the area, including the stunning Newport Beach boardwalk. Our oceanfront properties, quaint beach cottages, and duplexes on the Balboa Peninsula provide the perfect home base for your coastal adventure.

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