Explore Retail Therapy and Culinary Delights at Fashion Island: Newport Beach’s Premier Outdoor Shopping Destination

Elevate your shopping and dining escapade during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by exploring Fashion Island, a vibrant outdoor shopping center that showcases over 100 stores, culinary delights, and entertainment avenues. This enchanting destination, with its varied retail attractions, refreshing open-air ambiances, and eclectic dining choices, serves as the idyllic backdrop to shop, relish culinary creations, and bask in the warmth of the Southern California sun.

Fashion Island: The Ultimate Retail Haven

Positioned at the pulsating heart of Newport Beach, Fashion Island reigns supreme as a preferred shopping hotspot, marked by its vast expanse of boutiques, flagship department stores, and contemporary fashion labels. Embellished with artistic fountains, verdant greenery, and mesmerizing oceanic panoramas, Fashion Island curates an unmatched shopping milieu.

Dive deep into the most recent line-ups at elite brands like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom. Navigate your way to sought-after retailers such as Johnny Was, Anthropologie, and Lululemon. Beyond apparel, there’s a plethora of specialty corners catering to jewelry, home aesthetics, electronics, and the likes.

Embark on a Culinary Odyssey: Dining at Fashion Island

The culinary canvas of Fashion Island paints a rich tapestry of diverse dining locales catering to all preferences and moments. Be it breezy eateries or elegant dining spaces, you’re in for a treat with flavors spanning across Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and American cuisines. Placate your culinary desires at renowned establishments like Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, CUCINA enoteca, and Hana Grill. If you’re on the lookout for a swift culinary fix, Lemonade and Great Maple are your go-to venues.

For those aiming for a relaxed dining aura, Fashion Island’s food alcove, the Atrium Court, serves up a delightful medley of quick meals, ranging from artisanal sandwiches and refreshing salads to global delicacies. Conclude your meal on a sweet note with scrumptious offerings from Bacio di Latte and Hudson’s Cookies.

A Myriad of Entertainments and Signature Events

Fashion Island transcends the boundaries of just retail and culinary domains. The venue buzzes with diverse entertainment choices and signature happenings year-round. Engage in cinematic marvels at The Lot, a luxury movie house, or partake in Fashion Island’s hallmark celebrations, encapsulating soulful live concerts, elegant runway events, and festive galas.

Stay with Villa Rentals and Relish the Fashion Island Experience

Electing Villa Rentals as your Newport Beach stay ensures you prime access to the crème de la crème of shopping and dining experiences that Fashion Island extends. Our strategically situated estates, quaint sea-facing cottages, and duplexes on the Balboa Peninsula stand as the ideal anchor for your oceanic odyssey.

Reserve your vacation with Villa Rentals now, and allow us to weave an unforgettable tapestry of memories as you traverse the retail splendors and culinary wonders at Fashion Island.