Coastal Charm: Experience the Newport Beach Pier

Immerse yourself in the quintessential Southern California beach experience during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by visiting the iconic Newport Beach Pier. This historic pier, extending majestically into the Pacific Ocean, offers stunning ocean views and a classic beachside atmosphere that visitors and locals alike have cherished for generations.

Newport Beach Pier: A Picturesque Seaside Landmark

Located at the heart of Newport Beach, the Newport Beach Pier is a beloved local landmark and one of the area’s most popular attractions. Stretching out into the sea, the pier provides a perfect vantage point for breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and the endless ocean. It’s a favorite spot for photographers, sightseers, and anyone looking to experience the beauty of the Pacific in a relaxed, scenic setting.

A Haven for Fishing and Relaxation

Fishing enthusiasts will find the Newport Beach Pier an ideal spot for casting a line. The pier is a popular destination for anglers of all skill levels, with no fishing license required for pier fishing. Whether you’re hoping to catch your dinner or simply enjoy the peaceful pastime, the pier’s atmosphere is welcoming and serene.

Stroll, Dine, and Unwind

Take a leisurely stroll along the pier and feel the ocean breeze, watch surfers catch waves, and observe the rich marine life. Along the way, you might spot dolphins playing in the surf or pelicans gliding overhead. Adjacent to the pier you will find many charming shops and eateries where you can grab a bite, enjoy an ice cream, or sit back with a refreshing drink while soaking in the coastal ambience.

Sunrise to Sunset Beauty

Visitors to the Newport Beach Pier are treated to spectacular views at any time of day. Early risers can enjoy a tranquil sunrise, while the evening brings stunning sunsets that illuminate the sky in brilliant colors. The pier is a romantic spot for couples and a relaxing getaway for families and friends.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Easy Pier Access

When you choose Villa Rentals for your Newport Beach accommodation, the Newport Beach Pier is just a stone’s throw away. Our properties offer not only comfortable accommodations but also prime access to this and other beachside attractions.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals now and prepare to immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the Newport Beach Pier. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, recreation, or simply a beautiful place to take in the ocean views, the pier offers a memorable experience that encapsulates the spirit of California’s coastal charm.

Step Back in Time: Explore Mission San Juan Capistrano 

Enhance your Newport Beach getaway with Villa Rentals by visiting one of California’s most treasured historical landmarks, Mission San Juan Capistrano. Known for its captivating beauty and historical significance, this mission offers a unique glimpse into California’s early history, making it an ideal destination for history enthusiasts, families, and anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Mission San Juan Capistrano: A Historical Jewel

Located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, this historic mission is one of the oldest in California, often referred to as the “Jewel of the Missions.” Founded in 1776 by Spanish Franciscans, Mission San Juan Capistrano has stood as a symbol of perseverance and faith through the centuries. It’s famous for its stunning architecture, including the iconic ruins of the Great Stone Church, a testament to early California construction and design.

As you wander through the mission’s serene gardens, courtyards, and adobe buildings, you’ll be transported to a bygone era. The mission grounds are home to a museum and several preserved structures, including the Serra Chapel, one of the oldest standing buildings in California, still used for religious services today.

The Mission’s Cultural and Educational Experience

Mission San Juan Capistrano not only offers a journey through history but also provides a rich educational experience. Learn about the daily lives of the Native American, Spanish, and Mexican peoples who lived and worked at the mission through various interactive exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs. The mission’s exhibits showcase a collection of art, religious artifacts, and historical items that provide deeper insights into California’s mission period.

The Living Museum: Gardens and Native Wildlife

The mission’s gardens are a living museum, featuring native plants and a koi pond, providing a peaceful retreat for visitors. The site is also famous for being a habitat for the cliff swallows that migrate here each year from Argentina, a natural phenomenon that has become synonymous with the mission itself.

Events and Workshops

Throughout the year, Mission San Juan Capistrano hosts a variety of events, workshops, and cultural celebrations, allowing visitors to engage with the site’s history in dynamic and interactive ways. From traditional music performances to art workshops and historical reenactments, the mission is a vibrant center of cultural activity.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Easy Access

By choosing Villa Rentals for your Newport Beach accommodations, you are conveniently positioned to explore Mission San Juan Capistrano and other historic landmarks in the area. Our comfortable, coastal properties provide a central home base from which to embark on your historical explorations.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals today, and prepare to step back in time at Mission San Juan Capistrano. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the early history of California and experience the tranquility and beauty of one of the state’s most revered cultural landmarks.

Artistic Inspiration by the Sea: Explore the Laguna Art Museum 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Southern California during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by visiting the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach. This esteemed museum, dedicated to showcasing works by California artists, offers a unique window into the diverse and dynamic artistic expressions that define the Golden State.

Laguna Art Museum: A Showcase of Californian Creativity

Perched near the coastline of Laguna Beach, the Laguna Art Museum holds a special place in the state’s artistic landscape. Unlike any other museum in the state, it exclusively focuses on the art of California – its past, present, and future. Here, you’ll discover an array of works ranging from the historical to the contemporary, each piece telling a story of California’s rich cultural heritage and the many artists who have been inspired by its beauty and diversity.

As you explore the museum’s collections and exhibitions, you’ll encounter works across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and new media. The museum’s commitment to celebrating California art makes it a unique destination for art lovers and those interested in understanding the state through its artistic lens.

A Reflection of California’s Diverse Landscapes and Cultures

The Laguna Art Museum’s collections and exhibitions are a reflection of California’s diverse landscapes and cultures. From depictions of its stunning coastlines and deserts to interpretations of its urban environments and social issues, the museum offers a comprehensive look at the state’s multifaceted identity.

Engaging Exhibitions and Educational Programs

The museum hosts a variety of engaging exhibitions throughout the year, spotlighting both established and emerging Californian artists. These exhibitions are complemented by a range of educational programs, including artist talks, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, which provide deeper insights into the artworks and encourage dialogue among visitors.

Art & Nature: An Annual Celebration

One of the highlights of the museum’s calendar is the annual Art & Nature festival, a multidisciplinary exploration that seeks to foster a dialogue between artists and environmentalists. This event features special exhibitions, outdoor installations, lectures, and family activities, all centered around the intersection of art and the natural world.

Visit Laguna Art Museum with Villa Rentals

When you stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach, you’re perfectly positioned to enjoy the artistic offerings of the Laguna Art Museum. Our comfortable accommodations provide a central and convenient base for your cultural explorations in and around Laguna Beach.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals now, and prepare to be inspired by the extraordinary works of California artists at the Laguna Art Museum. It’s an experience that promises to enrich your understanding of California’s artistic landscape and leave you with lasting impressions of the state’s creative spirit.

Nature’s Bounty Unveiled: Explore the Fullerton Arboretum

Immerse yourself in a world of botanical wonder during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by visiting the Fullerton Arboretum. Nestled in the heart of Orange County, this verdant oasis is home to over 4,000 plant species from around the globe, making it a must-visit for nature lovers, gardening enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a peaceful retreat.

Fullerton Arboretum: A Living Museum of Plants

Spanning 26 acres, the Fullerton Arboretum is more than just a garden; it’s a living museum dedicated to the preservation of our planet’s diverse flora. As you wander through its paths, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of ecosystems, from tropical rainforests to Mediterranean landscapes, each carefully curated to showcase the world’s botanical diversity.

With its wide array of plant species, the arboretum offers a unique educational experience. Learn about exotic plants and their natural habitats, understand the importance of conservation, and gain insights into the world of horticulture. The Fullerton Arboretum is not only a feast for the eyes but also a center for learning and environmental awareness.

Themed Gardens and Seasonal Highlights

The arboretum features a variety of themed gardens, each highlighting different plant collections. Explore the Woodlands Collection, home to a variety of North American trees, or stroll through the Cultivated Collection, which showcases an array of ornamental plants. The arboretum’s Desert Collection displays a fascinating assortment of cacti and succulents, demonstrating the beauty of drought-tolerant landscapes.

Seasonal highlights, including springtime blooms and autumnal colors, offer a dynamic and ever-changing experience. The arboretum’s layout encourages leisurely walks, photography, and moments of quiet contemplation amidst nature’s splendor.

Educational Programs and Community Events

The Fullerton Arboretum is a hub for educational programs and community events. Participate in gardening workshops, botanical art classes, and guided tours that enhance your understanding and appreciation of the natural world. The arboretum also hosts seasonal events, plant sales, and exhibitions, bringing the community together to celebrate and learn about nature.

A Peaceful Escape from the City

Visiting the Fullerton Arboretum provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its serene environment, rich with the sights, sounds, and scents of nature, offers a refreshing change of pace and a chance to reconnect with the natural world.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Convenient Access

When you choose Villa Rentals for your Newport Beach vacation, you’re ideally situated to explore the Fullerton Arboretum and other natural attractions in the area. Our properties provide comfortable and convenient accommodations, allowing you to fully enjoy your botanical explorations.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals today, and get ready to embark on a journey of botanical discovery at the Fullerton Arboretum. It’s an experience that promises to enrich your understanding of the natural world and leave you with a sense of awe and appreciation for the diversity of plant life.

Ignite Curiosity: A Day at Discovery Cube Orange County

Enhance your Newport Beach vacation with Villa Rentals by including an educational and fun-filled day at the Discovery Cube Orange County. This science museum, located in Santa Ana, is a wonderland of interactive exhibits and hands-on learning experiences, making it an ideal destination for families or anyone interested in discovering the wonders of science in an engaging way.

Discovery Cube Orange County: Where Science Meets Fun

The Discovery Cube Orange County is designed to spark curiosity and encourage scientific exploration, regardless of age. The museum’s innovative approach to education presents science in an accessible and enjoyable manner, making it a captivating experience for children and adults alike. With a wide array of exhibits covering topics from environmental science and technology to space exploration and human biology, the museum provides a comprehensive journey through the world of science.

Interactive Exhibits and Experiences

Each exhibit at Discovery Cube Orange County is interactive, allowing visitors to learn through direct engagement and participation. Highlights include the Eco Challenge, where visitors can learn about eco-friendly living; the Rocket Lab, which features a real rocket engine; and the Dino Quest, an interactive dinosaur adventure. The museum also offers a Science of Hockey exhibit for sports enthusiasts, blending physical activity with scientific learning.

Seasonal exhibits and special events add to the museum’s dynamic environment, ensuring that each visit offers something new and exciting. Whether it’s a hands-on workshop, a live demonstration, or a special guest presentation, the Discovery Cube provides a vibrant platform for lifelong learning and discovery.

Educational Programs for Young Minds

In addition to its exhibits, the Discovery Cube Orange County offers a variety of educational programs designed to inspire young minds. These programs include summer camps, after-school programs, and field trip opportunities, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of science and technology.

Convenient and Family-Friendly

The Discovery Cube Orange County is not only a hub of learning but also a convenient and family-friendly destination. With interactive displays that cater to different age groups and interests, it’s a place where the whole family can learn, play, and explore together. The museum also features amenities like a café and a gift shop, ensuring a comfortable and complete visit.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Easy Museum Access

When you stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach, you’re just a short drive away from the educational adventures that await at Discovery Cube Orange County. Our cozy accommodations provide the perfect home base for families and science enthusiasts looking to explore the wonders of science in a fun and interactive environment.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals now, and prepare for a day of discovery and learning at Discovery Cube Orange County, where every exhibit is an opportunity to ignite your curiosity and deepen your understanding of the amazing world of science.

Architectural Marvel: Explore the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove 

During your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach, seize the opportunity to visit the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. Renowned for its striking architecture and cultural significance, this landmark is not just a place of worship but a symbol of modern architectural ingenuity. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or simply appreciate beautiful landmarks, a visit to the Crystal Cathedral is sure to be a memorable part of your Southern California experience.

Crystal Cathedral: A Testament to Contemporary Architecture

Situated in the heart of Garden Grove, the Crystal Cathedral, now known as Christ Cathedral since its acquisition by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, stands as an awe-inspiring example of contemporary architectural design. Originally built as a Protestant church and conceived by the renowned architect Philip Johnson, the cathedral is famous for its stunning glass-paneled structure, which allows natural light to fill its spacious interior.

The cathedral’s structure comprises over 10,000 panes of glass, making it one of the largest glass buildings in the world. Its shimmering façade is a magnificent sight, especially when it catches the golden hues of the California sun.

Explore the Cathedral Grounds

The beauty of the Crystal Cathedral extends beyond its glass walls. The surrounding grounds feature beautifully landscaped gardens, reflective pools, and contemporary sculptures, creating a serene environment for contemplation and admiration. Visitors are welcome to take a stroll around the campus, where each element is thoughtfully designed to complement the cathedral’s modern aesthetic.

Inside the Crystal Cathedral

Inside, the cathedral’s expansive and airy interior continues to mesmerize visitors. The innovative use of glass creates a sense of openness and connection to the outside world, a feature that’s unique among traditional church designs. The interior is home to one of the world’s largest pipe organs, providing an acoustic experience as impressive as the visual one.

Guided Tours and Events

The Crystal Cathedral offers guided tours, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the history, architecture, and significance of this modern masterpiece. The tours are a great way to learn about the cathedral’s design, the vision behind its construction, and its transformation over the years.

In addition to tours, the cathedral hosts a range of events, including musical concerts, community gatherings, and religious services, making it a vibrant center of cultural and spiritual life.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Convenient Access

Choosing Villa Rentals for your Newport Beach vacation accommodations means you’re perfectly situated to explore the architectural wonder of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. Our properties offer a blend of luxury and convenience, providing you with an ideal base for your architectural explorations and other adventures in Southern California.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals today and prepare to be captivated by the architectural grandeur and spiritual serenity of the Crystal Cathedral, a landmark that stands as a testament to human creativity and ingenuity.

Cultural Exploration Awaits: Discover Global Treasures at Bowers Museum 

Enhance your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by visiting the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, a cultural gem showcasing a fascinating array of exhibits from around the globe. This esteemed museum offers an enlightening journey through various world cultures, making it a must-visit for those with a passion for history, art, and anthropology.

Bowers Museum: A Window to World Cultures

Located just a short drive from Newport Beach, the Bowers Museum stands as a beacon of cultural exploration and learning in Orange County. Known for its exceptional collection and dynamic exhibitions, the museum provides visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestries of diverse civilizations.

As you step into the Bowers Museum, you’ll be transported across continents and through time. The museum’s extensive collection includes artifacts from ancient times to the modern era, spanning regions from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. Each exhibit is thoughtfully curated to provide deep insights into the cultural practices, artistic expressions, and historical contexts of different societies.

Engaging Exhibits and Educational Programs

The Bowers Museum’s exhibits are both engaging and educational, offering something for every age group and interest. Explore exhibits featuring ancient Egyptian artifacts, intricate Native American art, and exquisite Asian ceramics. The museum frequently updates its offerings with temporary exhibitions, ensuring that every visit offers something new and exciting.

In addition to its exhibits, the Bowers Museum hosts a variety of educational programs, including lectures, workshops, and cultural festivals. These events provide a deeper understanding of the exhibits and enhance the overall museum experience.

Family-Friendly and Accessible

The Bowers Museum is dedicated to making culture accessible to all, including families with children. The Kidseum, a child-focused wing of the museum, offers interactive exhibits and activities that engage younger visitors in the wonders of world cultures and art.

A Peaceful Retreat

The museum is not only a place for cultural exploration but also a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stroll through its beautiful gardens, where sculptures and lush landscaping provide a tranquil backdrop for reflection and relaxation. The museum’s courtyard, with its elegant architecture, is a perfect spot to unwind and soak in the peaceful ambiance.

Dining at the Museum

Enhance your visit with a meal at the museum’s on-site restaurant, where you can enjoy a variety of dishes in a setting that complements your cultural experience. The restaurant offers a menu that often reflects the regions featured in the museum’s current exhibitions, adding an extra layer of immersion to your visit.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Easy Museum Access

By choosing Villa Rentals for your stay in Newport Beach, you are ideally positioned to explore the Bowers Museum and other cultural attractions in the area. Our accommodations offer comfort and convenience, allowing you to easily access the rich tapestry of experiences that Southern California has to offer.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals today and prepare to embark on a captivating journey through world cultures at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. It’s an adventure that promises to enrich your understanding of the diverse and vibrant tapestry of human history and creativity.

Step into History: Tour the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum 

Enhance your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach with a journey through American history at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda. This remarkable institution offers a deep dive into the life and legacy of the 37th President of the United States, providing guests with an immersive and educational experience.

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum: A Portal to the Past

Located a short drive from Newport Beach, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum stands as a testament to the complex and fascinating career of Richard Nixon. The museum provides an in-depth look at his early life, political ascendancy, presidency, and post-presidential years. With a mixture of interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and multimedia displays, the museum brings history to life in a way that is engaging for all ages.

As you explore the museum, you’ll encounter a series of permanent and temporary exhibits that detail significant events from Nixon’s administration, including his notable foreign policy achievements and the challenges of his presidency. The museum’s extensive collection includes presidential documents, photographs, and gifts from state visits.

Visit Nixon’s Birthplace and Presidential Helicopter

A highlight of the tour is the opportunity to visit the restored birthplace of Richard Nixon. This modest house, built by his father, offers a personal glimpse into his early life and upbringing.

Additionally, guests can step aboard the presidential helicopter, Army One, used by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. It provides a unique opportunity to see a piece of modern American history up close.

Educational Programs and Events

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is more than just a historical site; it’s an active educational center that hosts a variety of programs, lectures, and special events throughout the year. These programs offer insights into America’s political history and the role of the presidency, making it a valuable educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Convenient Access

When you choose Villa Rentals for your stay in Newport Beach, you are ideally positioned to explore the rich tapestry of American history found at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Our properties offer both comfort and convenience, providing an easy drive to this notable landmark in Yorba Linda.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals today, and prepare to embark on a fascinating historical journey at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with a pivotal chapter in American history, providing a thought-provoking and educational experience for the entire family. Discover the complexities, challenges, and achievements of Nixon’s presidency and gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape that shaped modern America.

Nautical History Awaits: Tour the USS Iowa in San Pedro 

Embark on an unforgettable voyage into naval history during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by visiting the USS Iowa, moored in San Pedro. This iconic battleship, known as the “Battleship of Presidents,” offers a captivating glimpse into maritime military history and is an essential visit for history buffs and sea enthusiasts alike.

USS Iowa: A Majestic Maritime Monument

The USS Iowa, now serving as a floating museum, played a significant role in American naval history. As you step aboard this storied vessel, you’ll be transported back in time to an era of significant military and political events. The battleship has hosted several U.S. Presidents and has seen numerous historical moments, making it a significant artifact of 20th-century history.

During your tour of the USS Iowa, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the ship’s decks, bridge, mess areas, and living quarters. Experience firsthand what life was like on board a World War II-era battleship. The ship’s exhibits and installations provide insights into the daily routines of sailors, as well as the complexities of naval warfare and diplomacy.

Interactive and Educational Exhibits

The USS Iowa is more than just a static display of naval history; it’s an interactive educational experience. Visitors can engage with various exhibits that include virtual reality simulations, historical artifacts, and informative displays detailing the ship’s involvement in key historical events, from World War II to the Cold War.

One of the highlights is the ship’s main battery of nine 16-inch guns, which were among the largest and most powerful guns ever fitted on a U.S. warship, making the USS Iowa a formidable presence in any naval engagement.

A Tribute to Naval Engineering and Heroism

The USS Iowa serves as a tribute to American naval engineering prowess and the heroism of the sailors who served aboard her. The self-guided tour allows visitors to explore at their own pace, providing an immersive experience that honors the legacy of the United States Navy and those who have served.

Perfect for Families and History Enthusiasts

The USS Iowa is an ideal destination for families and anyone interested in military history or naval operations. Its interactive nature ensures that visitors of all ages will find something to captivate their interest and expand their understanding of American naval history.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Easy Access

Staying with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach provides convenient access to explore this historic battleship in San Pedro. Our accommodations ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay, allowing you to fully enjoy your historical excursions and the many other attractions that Southern California has to offer.

Book your stay with Villa Rentals today, and prepare for an insightful journey through history at the USS Iowa in San Pedro. It’s an experience that combines education, adventure, and reflection, offering a unique perspective on America’s naval heritage.

Journey Through Time: Tour the Queen Mary Ocean Liner in Long Beach 

Discover the elegance and history of a bygone era during your stay with Villa Rentals in Newport Beach by taking a tour of the iconic Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach. This majestic ship, now a floating museum and hotel, offers a window into the luxurious world of transatlantic travel during the early to mid-20th century. A visit to the Queen Mary is more than just a tour; it’s an immersive experience into the rich tapestry of maritime history.

Queen Mary: A Maritime Icon Preserved

Moored in Long Beach, the Queen Mary has a storied past as one of the most famous ocean liners of her time. Launched in 1936, she was a symbol of elegance and technological innovation. During your visit, you’ll have the chance to stroll her decks, explore her grand salons, and marvel at the intricate art deco design that makes the Queen Mary a floating masterpiece of her era.

The ship’s history is multifaceted – not only did she serve as a luxurious ocean liner for the rich and famous, including Hollywood celebrities and royalty, but she also played a crucial role as a troopship during World War II. Her rich past is captured through a series of well-curated exhibits and interactive experiences.

Engaging Tours and Exhibits

The Queen Mary offers a variety of tours that cater to different interests. From historical tours that delve into the ship’s past to paranormal explorations that seek out the Queen Mary’s rumored ghostly residents, there’s something to intrigue every visitor.

Walk the ship’s historic decks and visit original staterooms, the engine room, and the bridge. The ship’s museum showcases a range of artifacts from her sailing days, offering insights into the maritime and wartime history she witnessed.

Dining and Entertainment Onboard

Experience dining like a 20th-century voyager with a range of onboard options. The Queen Mary boasts unique restaurants and bars that capture the spirit of the era when the ship was at the pinnacle of luxury sea travel. Enjoy a meal or a cocktail with stunning views of Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

A Unique Venue for Overnight Stays

For those seeking a truly immersive experience, the Queen Mary also functions as a hotel, allowing guests to stay in original Art Deco staterooms and suites. Each room on the ship has been preserved and restored to maintain the authenticity of its original 1930s style, offering a unique blend of history and modern amenities.

Stay with Villa Rentals for Convenient Access

When you choose Villa Rentals for your Newport Beach accommodations, you’re perfectly situated to explore the Queen Mary and other historical attractions in Long Beach. Our properties provide a comfortable and convenient base for your Southern California adventures, combining beach living with easy access to the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Embark on a Historical Journey

Booking your stay with Villa Rentals not only means experiencing the best of Newport Beach but also unlocking the opportunity to step back in time aboard the Queen Mary. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of maritime lore, or simply looking for a unique experience, the Queen Mary in Long Beach promises a journey filled with discovery and wonder.

Plan your visit now and prepare to be captivated by the enduring legacy and timeless elegance of the Queen Mary ocean liner.